What Needs to be Done so that the Candidate Chooses Your Offer?

What needs to be done so that the candidate chooses your offer?
Now employment is a mutual process, and candidates for IT are quite selective. It is important and necessary to fight for good candidates. It is these candidates who are guaranteed to have several offers on the market, and they will choose.

So what can be done to ensure that candidates choose your offer?
Communication is important at all stages of hiring

The impression about you is formed from the very first contact. As consultants, we try very hard to build productive and pleasant communication, to be ambassadors of the employer's brand. And what are the expectations from hiring managers?

It's great when a manager is maximally involved in a dialogue with a candidate, can not only ask questions of interest, but also tell in detail about the project and functionality. The positive Tone of voice, the cameras turned on, clear answers to the candidate's questions, the speed of feedback - all this forms an impression of you.
Adequate assessment of your capabilities and motivation of the candidate

Of course, each candidate has an individual motivation when looking for a job. We collect this information at the stage of an interview with a consultant and always provide it to managers. It is important to pay attention to this and compare it with what you can offer the candidate. This applies to many aspects - functionality, area of responsibility, and role in the team. If you notice the same incompatibility in some key moment, then it is worth analyzing it in detail in an interview by asking additional questions.

Process transparency and speed

This is a joint task of the hiring manager and consultant, requiring teamwork!
A huge number of stages, stretching them over time, the sudden appearance of additional test tasks, incomprehensible feedback and uncertainty about further steps - all these are red flags for your candidates who spoil the impression of you.

"If everything is so complicated now and the process is delayed, then what will happen next when I come to work for you?" - a fair comment of the candidates, which is difficult to disagree with.

And trite, the faster and clearer the process you have, the less likely it is that additional offers from other companies will appear. There are no guarantees, but there will be more chances of success.

Presentation of the offer

Well, the cherry on the cake to charm the candidate exactly (especially if there is a high risk of rejection) is to present the offer together with the consultant. The applicant will be pleasantly surprised by such attention, he will have the opportunity to ask questions about the offer and onboarding directly from the manager. As practice shows, with this approach, the candidate makes a decision faster. And also increases the probability of a positive response.