Learning to Answer Candidates' Questions

Learning to answer candidates' questions
Sometimes (every meeting) at an interview there comes a terrible moment when the management of the “questions” block is transferred into the hands of the candidate. And the interview is conducted for you.

How not to get lost and answer the questions well?

First, let's figure out what topics candidates usually ask questions about:

  • Future tasks / functionality;
  • KPI in the upcoming position;
  • Team;
  • Corporate culture;
  • Working conditions / organizational aspects.
We suggest using general principles that will help you answer these topics:

Honesty. We talk openly about tasks, functionality and conditions. It is important that the candidate's expectations, which we form when answering questions, coincide with reality when he enters the company.

Don't get hung up on the downsides. It is important to highlight all aspects of the work, even the negative ones. But you need to do it right. It is not necessary to exaggerate the negative factor, it is important to present even the weak sides neutrally. Cons in work are normal and it is important not to dwell on them.

We give detailed answers. “Yes", “No", “Leave me alone” are bad examples. By asking a question, the candidate wants to know more details. The full-fledged answers of the hiring manager show the openness of the company and the ability to make contact. Don't you want to leave a good impression?:)

A little bit about the etiquette of conducting this part of the interview.

It is ALWAYS necessary to leave time for the candidate's questions (ideally 15 minutes from an hour-long meeting). Do not forget that the candidate also evaluates and chooses you, and it is important for him to form his opinion. This is still part of business communication, you should not be distracted by your tasks while answering questions at the same time.

Remember that the impression that you leave about yourself, the candidate will carry into the IT world, and, perhaps, after meeting you (despite the outcome of the interview), he will even become an ambassador of your brand! :)