To Hire or not to Hire – that's the Question?
To hire or not to hire – that's the question?
The question, of course, is not only philosophical, but also recruiting =)
It will definitely arise in front of you in the process of searching for candidates for a vacancy.
Many managers postpone the decision and the answer to this question, but sooner or later you still need to decide whether you take a particular candidate for a job.
Is there any guaranteed correct solution to what to do?

Unfortunately, no.

There is always the possibility of a mistake, a human factor. Even the most experienced and visionary manager and consultant can not predict all the scenarios after the registration of a candidate for a job.
In this article, we share the main tips that will help you understand if you see a person in your team.
So, how to decide - to hire or not to hire?

  • Most likely, you have a checklist of professional questions that the candidate must answer. Try to determine in advance the critical threshold of correct answers and their priority. And also decide beforehand whether you are ready to train and help an employee at first. After all, in any case it will have to be done, but it is important to understand what depth of professional knowledge the employee will need 100% initially.

  • Describe the person you would like to see in your team. Ask yourself: “What cultural characteristics do you have?”, “What values do you share?Believe me, sometimes the candidate's compliance with the answers to these questions is much more important than even professional experience. And if you meet an applicant who shares your worldview, then this is already half the success.

  • Try to avoid cognitive distortions when making this decision. Your mind should be cold and objective.

By the way, let's tell you about one of the common mistakes.

It happens that the first candidates already fit most of the expectations of managers, but many want to see as many candidates as possible. We would recommend evaluating and comparing the candidate with the requirements for the vacancy and if you think that the first/second candidate already fits your criteria perfectly, then you can make a decision =) It is ok. Choose with an emphasis on quality, not quantity.

And the most important thing:

do not make a decision about hiring in a hurry, under the influence of external circumstances (deadlines, the opinion of others, subjective assessment). Your decision is extremely important for both sides, it should be balanced and informed.

We also want to say about the decision not to hire a person. We are faced with cases when a candidate is 50% suitable and we put him on the back burner, in case "what if". But this story almost never works. If the candidate is not suitable for you, and you are not sure about him already at the first stages of the interviews, it is better to refuse.

And to make the hiring decision easier for you after our article, let's fix the key conclusions:

  • When making a decision, two important factors must coincide: our assessment of the candidate (his Prof. competencies and personal characteristics) and business request;
  • You need to prepare for the interview - even a 15-minute reflection on the topic “my ideas about the candidate / colleague” will help in the assessment;
  • In addition to your heart, listen to the consultant - our team is always there to help and give advice from a professional point of view.