What is Onboarding and Why is It Needed

What is onboarding and why is it needed
When an employee goes to work, it is not enough for him to say "well, that's it - work."
If you understand this, super.
If not, you have problems and companies have come up with an onboarding process to solve them.
If we try to explain it in simple words, this is how to make sure that "the passengers of our cruise liner" boarded and did not escape before sailing from the port. Then the adaptation begins, and while we are in port and just getting ON BOARD, this is ONBOARDING.

Before a person begins to understand the rules of the game (ADAPT), a lot of time and processes pass. And it starts with the words "I accept your job offer."
The time between the accepted offer and adaptation - onboarding works here.

And yes, it can and should be started before going to work. Until the first working day.

What it can consist of:
  • what awaits a person in the first days
  • to set up a workspace in advance (appliances, chats, mail, and so on)
  • to immerse yourself in the company's culture (read, watch, listen)

  • to look at future tasks "from the outside" so as not to go crazy in the first days
  • explore the company's products

Of course, these are not all ideas and you can add your own!
But use it, onboarding is a great tool in order not to lose an employee when you have been looking for him so long and diligently.