What are Proactive Acquaintances with Candidates

What are proactive acquaintances with candidates, and why they are worth paying attention to
The standard recruitment scheme looks like this: vacancy – brief – candidate search – interview – offer.
This scheme is certainly working, but there is another way. It helps to "intercept" unique candidates from the market, accelerate hiring and improve the quality of recruitment.
Proactive acquaintances with candidates are conducting interviews with candidates for whom there is no vacancy here and now, but potentially the need for such people may appear, and their profiles are so cool that it is definitely important to build business communication with them.

Yes - this is communication with the candidate in the absence of an open vacancy.
Doesn't sound logical?
That's right!
Does it work?
Yes, indeed!

In this article, we talk about the advantages of this approach to recruitment.
What does conducting proactive interviews give us?

Hiring accelerator in the future
Getting to know cool candidates in advance gives you the opportunity to very quickly prepare a short list of suitable applicants when a vacancy comes. When opening a vacancy, the number of stages will be less than usual. You will only need to offer the position to the candidate and conduct the remaining stages (test assignment, final interview).

Familiarity with the market and "hand on the pulse"
Such acquaintances can also be useful for business in general to understand the situation in other companies.
Also, when planning hiring, you will already be guided by current salary expectations, be aware of the level of candidates from other companies in order to correctly form your expectations and formulate requirements.

Meet and understand - you are made for each other!
Sometimes the question of opening a vacancy hangs in the air, and the need seems to be there, but it seems that we somehow cope. But in proactive interviews, you can find the very star that will coolly join the team and solve any problems.

So don't be afraid to get to know the candidates - it's really cool!