Creative producer

Client Description

An international company specializing in the development and publishing of mobile games across various genres.

The team planned to strengthen its expertise due to the launch of a new product in a new market and approached us. To more effectively promote games among users in the international market, the task arose to find a talented and creative producer with knowledge of the language and characteristics of the local target audience.

For our client, the growth and scaling of the business directly depend on a talented team. To expand horizontally (enter new markets or strengthen positions in existing ones), specialists are needed who understand the specifics of local markets
Key requirements

  • Deep understanding of motion graphics creation processes.
  • Strong creative and communication skills, ability to find unconventional solutions.
  • Efficient management of multiple tasks, simultaneous execution of several projects.
  • Flexible thinking, ability to formulate hypotheses.
  • Well-developed artistic taste

  • Creation and preparation of a search map based on the required specialization
  • Participation in gaming conferences and engagement with key speakers
  • Publication of job positions in gamedev communities
  • Weekly business analytics, followed by adjustments to our work strategy

After lengthy searches for the perfect specialist, we found a candidate through a recommendation. The candidate was highly liked by the client, but we knew he was not ready to relocate. Therefore, we began negotiations with the client, highlighting the candidate's advantages and the company's prospects when collaborating with him, as well as the risks of maintaining the current vacancy conditions. We managed to reach an agreement - the team adjusted their offer, waiving the requirement for mandatory office presence in favor of monthly business trips

Vacancy closing period: 26 days
Conversion from candidates to accepted offer: 15%
Candidates found and screened: 44