Head of digital

Client Description

One of the largest IT companies, which develops the most popular search engine in the country and creates services that help people in their daily tasks.

Internal recruitment actively explores the candidate market, but external assistance is needed to fill all positions. Specifically for this position, expanding the funnel was required due to the specificity of the C-level position in marketing.
Key requirements

  • Experience leading teams in digital marketing for at least 3 years.
  • Experience in SMM, targeted advertising, influencer marketing, and community building.
  • Experience working in international markets.
  • Experience managing campaigns on various platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, TikTok.
  • Adherence to a data-driven approach. Fluent English.
  • After conducting the briefing, a search map was drawn up, and donor companies were identified - large companies or agencies working in the international market
  • Active engagement with the candidate database and networking with specialists who were most interesting to the company (hunting) was also carried out
  • Daily exploration of key search sources to increase the funnel

We thoroughly explored the market for the most relevant specialists in both active and passive searches and found the most relevant candidate
During the search process, the position was put on hold several times due to the appearance of finalists (ours/company's)

Vacancy closing period 38 days
Conversion from candidates to accepted offer 13%
Candidates found and screened 74