IT C-Level
Client Description

A big pharmaceutical company with its own manufacturing facilities

The task was to find a CTO with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, its regulatory requirements, and innovative technologies.
Key requirements

  • Deep knowledge and experience in architecture, ability to develop and implement complex technical solutions.
  • Business-oriented approach to management, ability to set strategic priorities and achieve set goals.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to effectively interact with various stakeholders.

  • Analyzed the key players in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Created a search map identifying suitable candidates.
  • Based on the research, presented a shortlist of candidates and conducted interviews with the most suitable ones.

One of the final candidates, who caught the attention of the company, had extensive experience working as a technical director in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Russia.

During the negotiations, it was revealed that the candidate received an internal offer from his current employer for a higher salary. However, thanks to our additional efforts and the proposal of a bonus system dependent on performance, we were able to reach an agreement in favor of our client.t

Vacancy closing period 43 days
Conversion from candidates to accepted offer 50%
Candidates found and screened 34