Senior Python Developer

Client Description

A Russian technology company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and promotion of hardware products and trusted software for comprehensive workplace automation and secure access to corporate and government information systems and applications, telephony, and video conferencing

The company is in the process of expanding its development team and has decided to engage external agencies to increase the funnel. Main challenges faced by the company: hybrid work format, inconvenience of office location, long technical stages, company and product unfamiliarity
Key requirements

  • Backend development experience of 3+ years
  • Deep understanding of Python
  • Asynchronous programming (asyncio, aiohttp, FastAPI)
  • Working with Docker, Ansible
  • Designing REST APIs
  • DevOps skills and Linux administration experience
  1. We compiled a list of donor companies (large telecom companies, high loads
  2. We worked with the internal candidate database (the candidate was found from the database), networking, recommendations - building communication perspective with potentially interesting specialists
  3. Forming a project team to work on the vacancy: daily analysis of main search sources (LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, HH, Habr Career,, etc.) to increase the funnel

We managed to find a relevant specialist for the company who actively considered incoming offers. Thanks to the match in communication with the team and interesting tasks, he quickly made a decision in favor of our project

Vacancy closing period 31 days
Conversion from candidates to accepted offer 50%
Candidates found and screened 394